5 Soil-Based Gifts for Gardeners


Have you been trying to think of a gift for a gardener who is always talking about improving their soil or conserving their soil? Is your gift recipient a sustainable gardener? Here are a few gift ideas for that gardener that is striving for healthy soil.

Compost and Worm Bins

Compost bins turn yard, garden and kitchen waste into a soil amendment or mulch. Compost is an excellent additive to soil because it recycles valuable nutrients and organic matter into the garden soil. While you can buy compost, many gardeners use their lawn and garden waste to make their own. If you have a gardener on your gift list, then they may already have a compost bin. Even if they do, there is a good chance they could use another one. If she does not have the space for a full-sized compost bin, she can compost kitchen waste and paper using a worm bin in a garage or on a patio. Compost bins and worm bins are easy to make yourself if you are handy with tools. This PDF file from the California Integrated Waste Management Board has several examples. There are also a variety of sizes, prices, and styles of compost bins and worm bins available for purchase(Amazon Affiliate link) if you would rather purchase one as a gift for your gardener.

Garden Tools

Just like a woodworker, gardeners value good tools. If they are trying to reduce their use of chemicals, they are probably using their tools more often rather than relying on chemicals. You might want to do some sleuthing to discover which tools are on their “must have” list. One tool I almost always grab when I go out the door is a gardener’s multitool, even if I plan to look walk around the garden. It is an easy tool to stash in your pocket in case you see something you want to cut or dig up. I have linked to a specific multitool on Amazon above but they are widely available. I bought mine at a discount store.

Gift Card From Their Favorite Garden or Farm Store

What gift should you get the gardener who has everything? Maybe you are not able to visit his house often enough to know what he already has. Then why not give him a gift card or gift certificate to his favorite garden or farm store. I know it is not that personal but this is the time of year when many gardener’s start planning for next spring. A gift card could give him a good start on his purchases.
If you are short of money this Christmas like so many others are this year, here are a couple of ideas that are free or low cost.

A Date to Help Make a Rain Garden

Here’s a gardener’s gift that you can put off until warmer weather. Rain gardens help homeowners retain stormwater runoff on their property rather than releasing nutrients and chemicals into nearby lakes, rivers, and streams. Rain gardens absorb excess nutrients and retain sediments that would normally be washed into the drainage system. An internet search will provide plans for constructing rain gardens in areas similar to yours. Clemson University has a nice rain garden construction brochure (PDF file) that includes construction factors and planting considerations. Look for plans appropriate to your region to make sure you will be selecting the right plants for your rain garden or contact your local Cooperative Extension Service.

Documents From the Local Cooperative Extension Service

While we are talking about the Cooperative Extension Service, the local cooperative extension service has a wealth of information for home and garden that you could package into a gift. Has she been talking about starting a compost pile or a rain garden? Does she want to find different ways to control pests? Package up a few pamphlets to get her started. Most have pamphlets on a wide variety of subjects that you can download or pick up from your local office. Usually these materials are free or lost cost and they are geared toward your region. You can locate your local or regional Cooperative Extension Service office from the USDA Cooperative Extension Service web site.


– Sydney Harper, 2009



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